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Who We Are​

We’re travelers and explorers who love to see the world, relax on pristine beaches, kick back on luxurious cruises and vacation in comfort and style – all at unbeatable prices – and as a Condo Travel Club member, you can too.

Your dream vacations are calling, will you answer?

We Reimagined Travel

Incorporated in 1988, Condominium Travel Club has over thirty years of experience in the resort and travel business; giving us the edge in travel pricing and fulfillment. This translates to real value and quality accommodations for our members.

CTC is always innovating to best serve our members and their leisure time. By working with some of the finest service providers in the industry, CTC is able to offer a seemingly endless supply of members-only discounts at locations worldwide. Its member travel agency, Pulaski Tickets & Tours, supports Condominium Travel Club and all its members.

Get Out There and Live A Little!™

Why Condo Travel Club?

We started in 1988 and have been helping our members live the vacations of their dreams for over 30 years. Our team of experienced, dedicated professionals is here to help you plan out every minute of your trip. We provide our services for over 20,000 of our own members as well as other affinity groups with thousands of their own members who want exceptional travel service and value for their members. We understand our customer service reflects directly on your ability to experience an excellent vacation. We are in partnership with large, professional organizations, travel suppliers and consortiums that help us succeed.

Get Out There and Live A Little!™

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Condominium Travel Club and Pulaski Tickets & Tours provide the best service and pricing available to their members through their affiliations, licensing agreements and contracts with:

Registration & Bonds

Condominium Travel Club, Inc. and Pulaski Tickets & Tours, Inc. are registered in:

New York State as Corporations
California, Arizona and Florida as Foreign Corporations
California as Sellers of Travel
Condominium Travel Club, Inc. CST #2053683-50
Condominium Travel Club, Inc. Has a $100,000.00 bond as principal in favor of the State of California as obligee.
Pulaski Tickets & Tour, Inc. CST #2086174-50
Pulaski Tickets & Tours, Inc has a bond issued by Western Surety Company in the amount of $5,000.00
Florida Seller of Travel
Condominium Travel Club, Inc. Registration No. ST32406.

Condominium Travel Club, Inc. Registration No. ST32406.
Pulaski Tickets & Tour, Inc. Exempt
Washington State Seller of Travel
Condominium Travel Club, Inc. UBI #601-967-198
Pulaski Tickets & Tour, Inc. UBI # 602-783-700
Iowa Seller of Travel
Pulaski Tickets & Tours, Inc. TAR 881