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5 Ways to Minimize Wait Times At The Airport

After a long year of restrictions, it’s safe to say travel is picking up! Exciting as that may be, it also means that airports will be getting busier. More people travelling equals longer lines, increased time going through security and even waits at the gate. In preparation for this busier period, Condo Travel Club has prepared this list of ways to make your airport experience as smooth as possible.

Prepare your documents ahead of time

Before arriving at the airport, ensure you have all of the proper documentation you’ll need to board the plane and get through security. There’s nothing worse than forgetting an important document at home! If you are travelling internationally, be sure to bring your passport and any visas you may need. If you are unsure of what you’ll need, visit or contact your Condo Travel Club representative. For domestic travel, ensure you have a photo ID! Finally, to avoid wait times at the ticket counter, print your boarding pass ahead of time or use your airline’s mobile app to download it virtually.

Bring your vaccination card, just in case

While being vaccinated for the Covid-19 virus isn’t currently a requirement of airline travel, some airlines may choose to require it in the future. Being vaccinated may also give you access to certain areas of airports, like lounges. If you’re vaccinated, bring your card with you just in case.

Follow all CDC recommended or airport mandated safety protocol

Despite an increase in travel, Covid-19 is still a risk. Airports will likely have safety protocol in place. In order to get through the airport quickly, follow any protocol like wearing a masks and social distancing. By following instructions, you ensure that airport employees can focus on their important roles and not on enforcing rules. The more they can focus on their role, the faster you’ll make it to your destination!

Pack smart

In order to quickly and efficiently get through airport security, be sure to pack smart! If possible, place all liquids and medications in your checked luggage. If you’d like to keep them in your carry on, make sure they are the correct size as outlined by the TSA. Anything larger will cause delay. It’s also best practice to place all electronic devices in an easy-to-access location in your carry on. You’ll likely be asked to remove these when going through security, so this will help you cut down on time.

Consider TSA Pre-check

More than 200 airports now offer TSA Pre-Check, allowing you to skip long lines at security. As a Pre-Check member, you won’t have to remove any items of clothing or electronics from your luggage. All you need to do is apply once at and your membership lasts for 5 years!

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